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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Hot Gift This Holiday Season

Media Tablets are on many Canadian's wish lists this year. CBC's Havard Gould reports on the hot gift for this holiday season. Check out the video here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Media Tablets & Autism

Media tablets are impacting children with Autism, and have had impressive results at the Beverley School in Toronto. This segment aired on 60 Minutes in October.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Paper Tribute to Steve Jobs

A photo taken outside the Apple store in the Eaton Centre, downtown Toronto, clearly shows the value that we still see in paper, even in a digital world.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Amazon Fires Up the Market

Interview on CTV National News with Sandie Rinaldo about Amazon's Fire Tablet. How will it compete? Will it pose competition to Apple's iPad? Watch the video here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon's Fire Arrives

Chatting today on BNN's Headline about Amazon's new Fire media tablet. Check out the link

Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to School with Media Tablets

On The Street, chatting with Michael Kane about media tablets, back to school, and reasons for choosing different devices. Check it out here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Media Tablets in the Business

On July 13, 2011, I chatted with Michael Hainsworth on BNN about media tablet in the business, some of they key factors companies are looking at when purchasing media tablets, and how they are being used today versus how they will be using in the near future. Check out the video clip here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sky's the Limit

If you're a true techie/geek, you probably need the latest and greatest toys all the time. So, you have probably acquired a few new toys (a media tablet, netbook, and/or laptop) in the last year or so. That also means you probably have some old devices gathering dust somewhere.

Here's a great solution: consider donating your gently used laptop to Sky's the Limit.

Not only will they pick up the devices anywhere in the GTA OR pay for shipping outside the GTA, you will be making a difference in the life of a Canadian student as well. Sky's the Limit provides gently used laptops to students in Canada who are under-resourced. This includes new immigrants, refugees, street involved youth and students with disabilities. Here's what you need to know:

- Devices should be under 4 years old
- Over 500 devices were donated last year
- You will receive a tax receipt for your donation

Only laptops are accepted today, but they are considering expanding to accept media tablets in the near future. So as you upgrade to the newest sexy tablet on the market, hold onto your old one, and let Sky's the Limit give it a good home.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

App Revolution

On Thursday May 19th, I joined a panel at OCE Discovery '11 to chat about Canadian mobile trends, apps, tablets and startups. Click here to see the video. On the panel was Anand Agarawala, Product Manager, Android System UI, Google; Michele Perras, Mobile Strategist, Transcontinental Media; Amar Varma from Extreme Venture Partners; and our awesome moderator, Kunal Gupta, CEO of Polar Mobile.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Don't Be Late for the Future!

On May 17th in Toronto, I moderated a discussion on how to integrate hot technology (media tablets, cloud solutions and social networking) into your business. Listen to the podcast here.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cloud Computing: Why Small is Beautiful

On April 27th, I chatted with Amanda Lang on the Lang and O'Leary Exchange, about some of the hot cloud start ups in Canada, and why small is beautiful in the cloud computing market. The segment begins at 53:05.

Friday, March 4, 2011

iPad 2 and the Impact on the Market

On March 2, the iPad 2 was announced (definitely not a co-incidence). With devices planned to hit the Canadian streets March 25, and RIM's Playbook rumored to be launching shortly in early Spring as well, I chatted with Michael Hainsworth on BNN's The Close about the impact this will have on the Canadian market.

Monday, February 21, 2011

At Home Experiment: Cable Cutter Update

It's been a few weeks now since I cut my cable, so I thought I'd do an update.

I've now added the Citytv Video app, which was an important discovery because that means I can watch the Bachelor. Also available through the app: 30 Rock, Hell's Kitchen, City Line, Perfect Couples, Modern Family, The Event, Cougar Town, Fringe...to name a few.

What's Surprised Me So Far: I'm finding myself discovering and watching more TV now than I ever did when I had cable. And while I could have watched some content on demand before, I found that I didn't because for me it was too cumbersome to open my laptop, connect to the Internet and search for something. But with the app on a media tablet, not only is the content on demand, but the device is too (instant on, instant connectivity). Double Whammy. Siiiiiiick.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

At Home Experiment: Cutting the Cable Cord

Purpose: To experience what it's really like in Canada in 2011 to get all content over the Internet.

Hypothesis: Cutting the cord will not be something that most Canadians consider in 2011, but inevitably, it will be more of a reality in the years to come as behaviors change, content selection improves, and Internet speeds/quality improve.

Method: Last week, I cut my cable. I've now subscribed to Netflix and have watched content via my laptop, PS3 and on my iPad and all three have been a great user experience so far. The interface is easy to navigate and the suggested viewings based on your previous viewings are really helpful. There's still room on the content side for improvement, but the selection for now has been sufficient. I've also got the Global TV app on my iPad, which gives me access to TV episodes like House, NCIS, The Office, Rookie Blue...etc.

I'll be blogging about my experience about getting content over the top, and about any good discoveries I make with respect to finding great sources for content online.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Media Tablets: More than ‘Executive Jewelry’

At a recent industry event, I was asked if I agreed with the term "executive jewelry" to describe media tablets.

I'd argue that most people who pre-ordered or stood in line to buy the first generation media tablets (iPad) when they hit the market back in May 2010, were probably…on some level… looking for at least a little bit of attention by sporting the latest tech fashion (aka jewelry), myself included. But generally speaking, I wouldn't agree that media tablets are synonymous with executive jewelry, for two key reasons.

1. Tablets can be viewed as pricey, but certainly are not out of reach for many employees besides executives. And while executives are well-suited to leveraging these devices, in fact, consumers make up the bulk of users on these devices today. Since media tablets cost hundreds, not thousands of dollars, they are accessible to more than just high-rolling C-levels.

2. Beyond the sizzle and flare of owning a Tablet, these devices have much more to offer beyond their ornamental value - they're practical. SAP’s iPad deployment provides a perfect example. The company has rolled the devices out to its North American management team, including the Canadian office, to gain access to real-time business data while in presentations or meetings, to quickly access work email and documents, to review sales info and trends, and to provide more engaging and visual demonstrations with clients. But it's not just management teams using them: field workers are using them, so are restaurants, teachers, and doctors. However, there is still a lot of education to be done, as many end users are still unaware of all the ways they could use these devices in their personal and professional lives. This lack of understanding could be leading some people to quickly dismiss them as "jewelry".

So I'd say that "executive jewelry" is a poor term to describe media tablets. The devices are not just for executives, and they are more practical (and I'd argue increasingly necessary) than shiny jewelry that has limited function and features.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Media Tablets: Does Hardware Matter?

During Mobile Innovation week, I sat down with Rob Woodbridge from UNTETHER.tv, a site dedicated to conversations with those in the mobile industry. Check out the video clip to hear more about media tablets, the relevance of the hardware, the drive for a true three screen experience and manufacturers device release strategy.