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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Media Tablet Q&A: The Low Down on the Canadian Market

I had a chance to chat with Iain Marlow from the Globe and Mail this week about the media tablet market in Canada and its expected impact on the tech sector. Our Q&A session can be found at the Globe and Mail
Questions include:
  • Why or how has Apple succeeded with the iPad?
  • You say tablets don't have to be an “iPad killer” to be successful. Can you elaborate on that?
  • What lessons can we bring to tablets from the ongoing smart phone wars?
  • It's a nascent market, with Apple being an early mover. What do we know about the tablet market so far – who are using the devices, what they are using them for?
  • Others, such as Research In Motion and Samsung, have announced their own media tablets.What do you make of these competing products and how do they differ from Apple's?
  • What sort of impact do you expect media tablets to have on software vendors?
  • What sort of impact do you expect media tablets to have on other device categories?

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