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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Day in a Candy Shop

As a media tablet analyst, naturally, I was at the Rogers Tab Life Event last Friday...but I felt more like a kid in a candy shop...and I love candy!

Product was available to sample... the Samsung Galaxy Tab was there, a small compact 7 inch device which was still simple to browse and type on. The light weight device easily could have fit in my purse without me or anyone else being any the wiser. A pic of the device is below.

The Dell Streak was also on display, and grabbed the attention of a few of my fellow tech junkies. One said he was interested in the 5 inch Streak, given its portability, and his interest in simply using it for media on-the-go, and browsing the web.
And the surprise...a demo of RIM's Playbook. Now, as David Neale from RIM clarified to the drooling crowd, this is " professional grade, it's not a toy". Dual core, HD, and multitasking are promised to be present in the upcoming device when the 7 inch device hits the Canadian market in 2011. A shot of the device being demoed is below. Apps are along the bottom of the screen and media is being swiped across the middle of the screen in this shot.

But the best part of the day - it won't lead to cavities...just a lighter wallet once I treat myself to one of each device.

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